Covet Fashion Currency Guide & the Ways to Get Free Diamonds

covet fashion currency guide

We have come across many comments from our readers that Covet fashion is a non-playable game in terms of micro-economy.

Indeed all these games have strategy making for developers and the in-app purchases are their staples.

Still, we want to place on record about the following features which will enable you to understand the game economy thoroughly.

Covet Fashion Game currency


There is an immense need for dresses, slippers, shoes and others when it comes to fashion.

You get a vast collection of these items in the shop, but you can’t get them free. Cash or dollars is required for purchasing these items in Covet Fashion

The products are of famous brands and can be purchased if you have enough dollars. Prices vary by company and service. Read the article to learn the money cheats to grab this currency.

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Diamonds are Covet Fashion’s premium currency. You can win everything in the competition when you have enough diamonds. Diamonds in the store can facilitate all the luxury shopping.

You can get this luxury currency and find it on our page, and there are various covet fashion cheat codes to get diamonds in the game.


Each competition includes entering through the payment of a specific number of tickets, and without spending money, you will obtain a comfortable way.

You should know this trick to grab tickets. Read below to find out how to get Covet Style tickets.

Closet Value

While it can’t be considered in the game as a currency, it plays a vital role. Your closet value will determine how much shopping you can do and store.

You cannot begin new purchase decisions if you exhaust all the closet value.


The welcome bonus gives you Cash, tickets & Diamonds

Once you begin playing Covet Fashion, Crowd star, the developer, gives you a welcome bonus and provides $5,000, 125 tickets, and 1200 diamonds. Nevertheless, this initial bonus has to be followed to get other items in the game.

Entry to Challenges gives Cash

Challenge entry gives you a certain amount of cash. The outcome varies on the challenges, but the lump sum cash gift isĀ $100 in the starting

Winning the competition rewards Diamonds

The next way is to win the contests you are competing. The bonuses are also more significant when the challenges are big. It’s possible to get 25 diamonds from every winning process with covet cheats.

Receiving Cash from friends

You can receive 1000$ from three of your friends when you connect them through invitation. Also, you can send them the same amount

Starter pack deal for Diamonds and Cash

Covet Fashion Starter Pack is a lot of discounts you get after starting the game. For 1000 Covet Dollars, 4200 diamonds and 1000 tickets, you can get 80% off from the in-app purchase rates.