Guns Of Glory Features Gameplay Resources Missions And Tips


Tons of MMO battle games are out there by the game industry; Guns of Glory is one of them getting more fame.

Amazing features, gameplay, strategies, graphics, challenges make the game incredible as compared to others.

You can easily play Century Game’s Guns of Glory on Android for free. Yes, there is no need to pay charges for playing, however, they can also purchase some advanced features or resources.

Playing the game smoothly allows gamers to explore endless entertainment besides reduce mental stress as soon as possible: various challenges, tasks you need to perform in Guns of Glory for going ahead.

In the post, we are going to mention some fantastic features, gameplay, resources, and tips of Guns of Glory.

If you are a beginner in Guns of Glory game, try to focus on the forthcoming content more for enjoying the game more besides achieving all goals.


As we mentioned above, there are many amazing features added in the game, which makes it super incredible. Discussed below are some of them-

  • Build a stronger army
  • Fantastic weapons
  • World war
  • MMO war
  • Building empire/kingdom
  • Upgrades
  • 3D graphics


The gameplay of Guns of Glory is straightforward to understand as there is no complex feature of function added.

Users can easily understand all the basics, essentials, controls, functions of the game by playing often.

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They can also gain an array of benefits, rewards by completing each task. It motivates them more to perform each task efficiently or effectively.

The game is perfect for kids, parents, or all ages. Be a legend on the battlefield and receive more points as well as rewards.


There are various kinds of resources added in the game, but users need to focus on four resources more named-

  • Food
  • Wood
  • Iron
  • Silver

With the help of these resources, they can train their army besides can build their empire faster like no one another can.

Every player is suggested to manage all resources in a more massive amount for obtaining more benefits.

Plenty of ways available for earning these items, such as farming, going for raids, upgrading sawmills, and so on.

Focus on missions

After completing the basics and entering the game, users can find lots of objectives at the bottom of the screen.

Completing each task offers a certain number of awards, prizes, in game currencies, as well as bonuses.

Well, playing these missions or events helps you to understand every single concept, necessary, essential, control, feature, as well as tips of Guns of Glory.

Moreover, if you want to gain more benefits in Guns of Glory, try to get guns of glory gift codes and complete all objectives wisely.


Mentioned are some top tips given by the masters for progressing in the game faster like no one another can.

Try to follow all tips for getting the number one rank or beating all other online members.

  • Join an alliance
  • Connect with Facebook
  • Collect resources more
  • Upgrade buildings and warehouse more
  • Build training centers first
  • Train troops more