Game of Thrones: Conquest Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

game of thrones conquest tips tricks

game of thrones conquest tips tricks

Game of Thrones: Conquest is one of the popular MMORPG game introduced for Android and iOS platforms. The eighth session of the GOT game has launched with exciting features, tasks, and graphics.

There is no need to pay any cent for downloading the game, even playing as the game industry freely offers it.

Lots of exciting tasks, features, missions, rewards, Iron Throne, leaderships added in the game, which makes it incredible in comparison to all other GOT sessions.

You can explore endless entertainment, reduce mental stress besides enhancing your gaming skills by playing the game.

Well, when it comes to progress in the game faster, players need to spend more effort, time as well as energy.

But with the help of master ways or strategies, succeeding in the game become some easier. Here we are going to mention some useful ideas that an individual can adopt for playing the game smoothly besides achieving faster like no one another can.

Gather more resources

One of the hardest tasks in the game is collecting funds as well as in game currencies. Players need to perform various jobs to earn them, such as farming, upgrading sawmills, completing missions, and so on.

Users are suggested to collect more resources as well as in-game currencies more in order to progress like a pro.

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Try to complete basic tasks like completing quests, farming, collecting daily rewards, and upgrading items. It helps you to gain more benefits besides learning how to play smoothly. These are nothing but the working and real game of thrones conquest cheats that really matters.

Complete quests

There are plenty of quests available in the game that players can play smoothly. The searches contain basic tasks that permit gamers to learn controls, features, functions, system of the game.

All players are suggested to complete all quests wisely for learning the pro ways. Sometimes learning all basics helps gamers to perform every single job efficiently without getting stressed or tensed.

Send troops to collect food and resources

You are allowed to send the troops for collecting food as well as supplies in a more massive amount.

When you go outside the game city, you can see various houses developed by the other players. But an individual need to focus on the resources and food more for making a mighty army.

It helps them to get victory all the time besides getting a chance to become a pro players. They are allowed to mobilize their troops in a way to collect resources or food from the houses. Ask your forces to perform this task when you get asleep, as it helps a lot.

Scout before attacking

When it comes to analyzing rival power, abilities, items, and the number of soldiers, you can quickly adopt a scouting technique.

Gamers are allowed to send their troops for scouting before attacking rivals. It better enables them to prepare the army and collect powerful resources as compared to the opponent.

Try to send your troops for scouting and analyzing to earn more victories.

We can easily conclude that if you need to progress in the game or play like a pro, you need to adopt some master ways.