How to Progress In Avakin Life Game Faster? – Four Simple Tricks

how to progress in avakin life

how to progress in avakin life

Avakin Life is an exciting plus loving virtual life game introduced for Android and iOS devices. Each player in the game needs to select an Avatar which plays all roles in the games.

They need to decorate homes, perform various jobs, purchase outfits from the store. Also, you can meet and chat with other players playing roles in the Avakin Life game.

There are many challenging levels, features, tasks, features, gameplay added in the game, which makes it incredible.

There is no need to pay any charge for playing the game as users can freely play it on both devices. Playing the game smoothly helps you to explore unlimited joy and reduce mental stress.

When it comes to progress in the Avakin Life game, you need to follow master tips and tricks.

Here we are going to discuss all those tips that help you to understand how to progress in Avakin Life game faster like no one another can.

Understand the basics

Sometimes understanding all basics helps users to complete every challenge smoothly without getting stressed or tensed.

Watch the tutorial and follow the gameplay in order to learn all the basics, controls, and techniques.

Especially beginners are suggested to perform this task first in order to avoid all issues, deficiencies, and other problems.

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Rate homes

Not only you need to create and decorate your home as it allowed all the players to rate their homes.

It helps them to earn money in a sufficient amount. Well, it is considered as the best method for making in-game currencies with more enjoyment.

You are allowed to rate only four apartments of the house.

Users need to maintain all currencies in a more massive amount for playing and progressing smoothly, so try to use this method.

High paid jobs

As it is a virtual life game, gamers need to perform jobs in order to live better, earning money, and so on.

Always try to find a high paid job from which you can gain more currencies at a single time. Having enough currency from the jobs helps you to purchase decoration material, furniture, food, and other essential items.

So, try to find a high paid job in Avakin Life for gaining higher outcomes.

Gems and AvaCoins

Gems and AvaCoins are considered as two main currencies of the game. From these currencies, an individual can purchase every single item of the game, progress faster, and can perform every task smoothly.

It’s not an easy task to collect in-game currencies more quickly, but with the help of pro tips, it is possible. No, am not talking about the avakin life coin generator, its another and even a big topic to talk on. We will cover it in a separate article. For now, try to perform all tasks smoothly mentioned below for gaining the currencies faster-

  • Watch free ads
  • Connect with Facebook
  • Complete tasks and challenges
  • Rate homes
  • Login daily
  • Be social
  • Rankings and so on


With the help of the content mentioned above, we can say that following all tips correctly may help you to achieve objectives quickly.

Also, playing the game efficiently helps you to gain more benefits as soon as possible.