Creative Destruction – Currency Guide

Creative Destruction Currency Hacks

Creative Destruction is a shooting game in which you will find different kinds of currencies. Let me start from the gold coins. Well, the gold coins are the premium currency of the game which players can easily use to purchase the needy stuff from the shop.

Well, you need to win the battle in order to earn more and more gold coins. Another currency is the star coins; these coins are useful for buying the stuff of customization.

There is an option of the customization in the game which players check out in order to make the avatar perfect in the game. This will make you a pro player.

What is the use of Star Coins?

The star coins are really useful, and it is counted in the second type of currency in the game. Well, you can easily earn them by playing the battles in the game.

No doubt, you can get them from completing the daily tasks, but still, people want them after playing the game because it would be the easiest method to earn the currency. In addition to this, you should simply collect the star coins and use them for customization.

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Diamonds – how to earn them?

Diamonds are the most crucial currency of Creative Destruction. If you are looking for the source to earn the diamonds, then you need to try to win more and more battles in the game. It is the only way to earn this currency.

Nevertheless, when it comes to using the diamonds, then it is useful at the time of buying the big weapons. Therefore, you should simply spend it on upgrading the weapons as well that will give you great performance. So, pay attention to the upgrading as well because it will help you to win the battles easily.

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