A Complete Beginners Guide To Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS!

Lots of shooting campaign games are out there, and Modern Combat 5 is one of them launched by Gameloft. There are both options available for the users to play alone or selecting a multiplayer mode.

If you are going to play multiplayer mode, you are able to invite more friends to create a team in addition to defeat other online users.

There is no charge to download Modern Combat 5, one can run it on both iOS and Android devices. Various missions, campaigns, tasks, aspects are available in the game to provides lots of enjoyment to its users.

Game tutorial

In the beginning, every player needs to pay attention to the game tutorial. With that, all the users can get aware of game functions, features, weapons, and how to play the game smoothly.

In other words, it helps a user to know each side of play for enjoying more. So, it is recommended you don’t try to skip the tutorial as it is essential to know everything.


Everyone knows that without earning game currency, one cannot run Modern Combat 5. It is essential to collect currency in sufficient amount in order to play the game smoothly.

It is not easy to earn credits and diamond dust, but by completing various missions, one can make it.  No, if you are thinking that completing various tasks allows you to win real money, then you are wrong.

From this only game, currencies can be earned through modern combat 5 hack that is legit and boost up the level and to perform every task efficiently.

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Three types of classes are available in Modern Combat 5- heavy, sniper and assault class. Each class has its pros and cons to earn rewards.

One player needs to take participate in classes in order to become a pro player in addition to enjoying every moment.

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